The Large Animal Clinic

Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic sees horses, cattle (dairy and beef), small ruminants, pigs and camelids. Our doctors can come to your property for many routine procedures, or you can come to our well-equipped hospital for routine visits and emergencies.

Our large animal facilities include:

> Motorized Equine Dentistry (SwissFloat)

> Hydraulic squeeze chute and surgery chute for cattle

> Easy-enter protective stocks for horses

> Laboratory capabilities including blood, urine and semen analysis

> Xray and a new digital ultrasound for rectal, abdominal, and limb diagnostics

> Treatment stalls with the ability to administer intravenous fluids quickly and safely

> Padded surgical suite for minor surgical procedures (castrations, cesareans, some wound repairs, hernias)

Perhaps most importantly, we have doctors and technicians that are skilled at handling and treating your animals!