Wellness Plans

Adopting or purchasing a puppy or kitten is such an exciting time! It can be overwhelming to understand all of the medical care your new little one will need, so Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic is now offering comprehensive wellness plans for puppies and kittens. In order to ensure that your pet’s needs are met in a timely and affordable way, these packages include all of the necessary medical preventative care at a significantly discounted rate.

What does the package include?
– At each of the THREE well-puppy or well-kitten visits, your pet will receive a thorough physical exam and set of vaccinations. Once completed, these vaccines will form the basis of vaccine immunity for the 1st year of his or her life. The 3rd visit will include the rabies vaccine.
– At each visit, your veterinarian will discuss many aspects of your pet’s lifestyle and care, including, diet, play, house training, treats, grooming, and breed-specific issues.
– Your pet will receive a fecal examination to check for parasites, and 2 doses of pyrantel dewormer.
– Your pet will receive a microchip to help recover them if lost.
– At 6 months, your pet will be spayed or neutered.

In addition, you will receive:
– a 15% discount on any other surgical procedures at time of neuter/spay, such as hernia repair, cryptorchid neuter, declaw (cats) or dewclaw/tail amputation (dogs).
– a 15% discount on medical products purchased for your pet in the 1st year, including flea & tick prevention, heartworm prevention, additional dewormer, ear mite treatment, and more!

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